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Hardware Requirements

Please reference both the SharePoint Plugin Documentation and MOST Documentation regarding Hardware Requirements.

Setting Global Variables

We need to setup the communication beween MOST and SharePoint. To do so, we have to configure certain parameters in MOST’s Global variables screen. If the MOST Designer is not already open, go to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Designer.

Go to Data > Global Variables on the menu bar.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 08.png

These are the Global Variables required to access your SharePoint server. Select each variable one by one, enter its value in the provided box, and then click the update button. CommunicationType, SPCacheType and SPModel global variables allow you to select available values from a drop down list.

1. Variable Name = SPProxyPassword

  • If you would like all users to authenticate to the SharePoint site as the same account, the SPProxyUsername and SPProxyPassword options can be used.

2. Variable Name = SPProxyUserName

  • If you would like all users to authenticate to the SharePoint site as the same account, the SPProxyUsername and SPProxyPassword options can be used.

3. Variable Name=SPDomain

  • If you authenticate to the SharePoint site with a username formatted as Domain\Username, then specify the Domain portion in this setting. Typically this option is left blank and the SPUserNamePadding option is used instead. Leave blank for office 365.

4. VariableName=SPSiteURLs

5. Variable Name=SPUserNamePadding

  • If you authenticate to the SharePoint site with a username formatted as Username@Domain, then specify the Domain portion (including the "@" symbol) in this setting. The Username Padding will append the specified text to all usernames when authenticating to SharePoint.<be> for example

Any user who logs into MOST and utilizes the SharePoint collection will be doing so using the Proxy information. If a Proxy Username and Password is not specified, the user’s MOST credentials will be used to authenticate to SharePoint. The SPUsernamePadding variable is used to append the SharePoint server information to the user’s login name in order to authenticate using the full credentials.

Click File > Save or use the small save icon

Reform15 Most SharePoint 10.png

to save all the global variables.

Assigning Collection to Users

1. Open your MOST Designer if not already opened (Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Designer).

2. On the MOST Designer toolbar, click on Data > Users and Groups

3. Select the demo user from the User/Groups list. We will be adding the SharePoint collection for this user. The same process can be used for any user or group.

4. Select SharePoint from the Available Collections and click the

Reform15 Most SharePoint 11.gif

to add the SharePoint collection.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 12.png

5. File > Save or use the small save icon

Reform15 Most SharePoint 13.png

to save your changes.

MOST Configuration to Enable Remote Printing of Documents at the MFP

*If CommunicationType global variable is set to Local (MFP can be reached by IP on a local network), this step can be skipped. In order to print documents remotely (when a MFP is not reachable by IP), the CommunicationType should be set to Remote and the following steps should be taken.

Remote Printing must be enabled in the MOST Manager if the CommunicationType is set to Remote in the Global Variables configuration.

1. To do so, first make sure MOST Manager is open by going to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Manager. It may be running in your task bar, so check for the small

Reform15 Most SharePoint 14.png

icon and double click on it to bring up MOST Manager.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 15.png

2. Go to Edit > Settings

Reform15 Most SharePoint 16.png

3. Go to the Devices tab. Here we need to check the Enable Remote Print checkbox if it is not already done so. You must also specify your Reform installation’s Queue directory which is usually C:\Program Files\Reform…\Queue. Use the browse button

Reform15 Most SharePoint 17.png

to select this directory. The polling interval is how often the MFP will check this directory for documents to print. If 30 seconds is not optimal for your environment, please change it to the desired value.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 18.png

4. After you have finished configuring Remote Printing, please click the Save button. You will be prompted that the server must be restarted, click Yes.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 19.png

You have successfully configured MOST to enable the remote printing of SharePoint documents at your MFP.

MOST SharePoint Tutorial

The emulator shows you exactly what you would see on an MFP, and it functions in the same way (SharePoint documents cannot be printed using the emulator, it requires an MFP). This same process could be tested with the same exact steps, but by installing MOST on the MFP by following the instructions in the MOST manual. (Please refer to the MOST manual on how to setup MOST in the MFP or any other MOST related issues.)

1. Login to MOST at an MFP or use MOST Desktop (Start > Program > Reform… > MOST > Misc > MOST Desktop) using the demo account. Username is demo, password is demo.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 20.png

2. The emulator will now connect to the MOST server and login. It may take several seconds to log in, since MOST must connect to the SharePoint server to retrieve the account settings.

3. You will notice that your upload directory list has been populated with available SharePoint sites. To expand a SharePoint site, click the + symbol next to its name.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 21.png

4. Clicking the "+" will display the available directories in the selected SharePoint Site.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 22.png

5. Select Tutorial from the list. After making the selection you will notice in the Attributes box the attributes associated with the directory are displayed.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 23.png

6. In the Filename field, type in a file name. Using a unique name will make it easier to locate the file using the SharePoint web interface. Ex filename: John Doe - MOST Demo

7. Enter today’s date in the date field.

8. Enter 100075 in the Deal Number field

9. Enter your name in the Customer Name field.

10. After filling out all the fields, place your documents in the feeder and click on Scan to SP. If using MOST Desktop, it will ask you to select a file to simulate your scan. Your scan document should be sent to SharePoint along with the attributes.

*Note – Please make sure the SharePoint service is running. Otherwise the document won’t be uploaded. Please see the section SharePoint Service in this document for more information on how to manually start the service.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 24.png

11. Click on the SPStatus tab to see the status of your document. It may take a few seconds to refresh the list. We have sent a couple more documents for demonstration purposes.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 25.png

12. Click on the SPPrint tab. If using MOST Desktop, you will only be able to Preview the document as an MFP is required to do the printing. In this tab, you will see the document that you just submitted. Navigate through the SharePoint site on the screen to the Tutorial directory. Select the John Doe MOST Demo.PDF file. Click on Preview to preview the document. Click on the Print button to print the document.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 26.png

Viewing your document in FabSoft’s SharePoint Demonstration Site

1. Open your internet browser and copy this address

Reform15 Most SharePoint 27.png

2. You will be asked to enter the username and password on the next screen so please take note of the Username and Password. Click on Continue.

3. Enter the username and password from the previous screen. Click Ok.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 28.png

4. On the left side under Documents, click on Tutorial to see your uploaded document.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 29.png

5. Documents uploaded are listed below. You can open the document and also view the attributes associated with the document.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 30.png

SharePoint Service

Go to Start > Programs > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

To start the service: right click on RM_SharepointMonitor > Properties. Under Service status, click on Start.

Reform15 Most SharePoint 31.png

This service acts as a liaison between Reform and Microsoft SharePoint. It allows for Reform to upload documents and their properties to the SharePoint server. Depending on your environment, it may be required that this service is run under a local administrative account


There are certain directories and SQL tables that need to be monitored for growth along with the SharePoint plugin for Reform. As a system processes more and more jobs, the size of these directories and SQL tables can grow very quickly. Overall system performance can be affected by the large amounts of space that the files may take up. Also, there exists a 10GB database limit if using the Microsoft SQL Server Express supplied with this installation. Obsolete files/database entries should be deleted according to your needs and file retention specifications.

Please see the Reform Health Monitor and Maintenance Utility section in the Reform User Manual for more information and instructions for monitoring and maintaining your server. It is recommended to monitor the following directories and SQL tables for growth:


C:\Program Files\Reform…\Backups

C:\Program Files\Reform…\Spooler\ImageQueue

C:\Program Files\Reform…\Plugins\SharePoint\Uploads

SQL Tables:



Q: Nothing is happening after the form is processed. How can I determine the cause of an issue?

A: Check the Event Log for errors related to Reform or the SharePoint service. The Event Log can be access by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Log. This will usually give you a good idea about why the MOST SharePoint plugin might be failing.

Other company or product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies

SharePoint Issue Ticket

*User’s Name: ___________________________________ *User’s Login Name: ________________________________

*User’s Email Address: ____________________________ User’s Building: ___________________________________

User’s Department: ______________________________ Support Contact’s Name: ____________________________

Support Contact’s Email: __________________________ Support Contact’s Phone: ____________________________

*Severity of Issue (Please check one):

    □ 0 - Test environment (non-production)
    □ 1 - Users are affected, but able to continue business

□ 2 - Users are affected and it is affecting business, other functionality is working properly

□ 3 - The software is not functioning properly at all – system outage

Number of Users Affected: _____________ List Each Users Login Name _________________________________



*Description of Issue:





*Observations about issue:

Frequency of Issue: Once / Random / Every Attempt / Other (Please Describe): _________________________________


First Occurrence (Date/Time): _____________________ Latest Occurrence (Date/Time): _________________________

  • *Issue is occurring at (Fill in all fields for Reform Server and SharePoint):
  • Reform Server(s)

Reform Server IP(s): ______________________________________________________________________________

  • SharePoint

SharePoint URL: _________________________________________________________________________________

* Additional Information

*Have any changes been made to the Reform Server or Environment? yes / no If yes, What? When? By Who?



*Can the user access SharePoint website? yes / no If no, please explain _____________________________________


*Did the user’s credentials (username/password) change recently? yes / no If yes, When? _______________________

*If speed is an issue, please list the time it takes a document to process to SharePoint: _______seconds / minutes

Additional information when using the MOST plug-in with Reform

  • MFP (If using the MOST Plug-in for Reform from an MFP)

Number of MFPs Affected:_______________________

MFP Java Version:______________________________ MOST Version: __________________________________

MFP Serial #:__________________________________ MFP IP: ________________________________________

MFP Model #: _________________________________ MFP Location: ___________________________________

  • Workstation (If using the MOST Desktop Plug-in for Reform from a workstation)

Number of Workstations Affected: ________________ Workstation OS: XP / Vista / 7

Workstation IP: ________________________________ Workstation Name: _______________________________

* Fields are required