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Software & Hardware Requirements

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  1. Make sure MOST and RightFax Plugin are installed and working correctly. You should be able to log in from the MFPs successfully, if not, please refer to the MOST installation and setup guide.
  2. Make sure the server you have installed MOST has access to the RightFax Server.
  3. During the MOST installation RightFax needs to be selected, if not please re-run the MOST installation and select Rightfax.


  1. Open the MOST Designer by going to the Desktop >> FabSoft >> MOST >> MFP Screen Designer.
  2. Open Plugins >> RightFax and follow the wizard.

Global Variables Setup

The RightFax wizard above will automatically populate the Global variables. You can either re-run the RightFax wizard or manually change the information on the Global variables. To view the Global Variables Go to Data > Global Variables

MOST RightFax Tutorial

(Go to MOST RightFax demo video)

In this tutorial, we are going to show how MOST integrates with RightFax.

1. Login to MOST at an MFP or use MOST Desktop (Desktop > MOST >> MOST Desktop) using the following credentials if you created the administrator user. If not, login using NT Authentication(LDAP) but make sure your RightFax server is also using the same username and password.

Click Log In.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 36.png

2. Make sure you are on the RightFax Screen. First thing we want to do is go to the add contacts tab. On the left, click on Add PB tab and fill out fields with the following information.

Name: John Doe

Company: Xyz Inc.

Fax Number: Enter a valid fax number

Verify Fax: Enter the same fax number entered above

Phone Number: <enter in a fax number that you can test with>

City/State: Cedar Grove/NJ

With the information filled out, Click the "Add to PhoneBook" button.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 37.png

3. On the left, click on Lookup tab. Select the contact you just added from the list and click on Add Recipient button to populate the Recipients box.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 38.png

4. You will notice that Recipients have been populated with the fax book entry you have chosen. Now, on the Notes field type in Important Announcement! and click Send Fax.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 39.png

5. We also want to send another faxing using the Manual tab. Here, you can manually send a single fax. On the left, click on the Manual tab and fill out the fields. Click on Send Fax button.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 40.png

6. Wait a moment and then click on Status on the left hand side to view the statuses of the two faxes you have just sent.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 41.png

7. Select one of your documents from the list. You also have an option if you just want to see the first page of the fax document or all pages and an option to print the transmission history of the document using the "Print History" checkbox. Click on Print. The first page will print the status of your fax followed by your document.

8. Next we will edit the contact "John Doe" which we had created. On the left Click on Edit PB, and select the contact to be edited. We will edit the following fields by replacing with these new values: Name = Bella Greene, Company = Star Magic, Phone=2457894561 and Fax=701. Click on Save.

Wait a few seconds and click on Faxbook, leave the search field blank to refresh the list. You should be able to see the changes you made.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 42.png

9. Finally, we will delete a contact. On the left Click on Del PB. Your faxbook should be populated automatically. Select a user from the faxbook that you want to delete. We will be deleting "Bella Greene", the user we had just edited. Click the Remove to complete the process.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 43.png

10. To verify that the contact was deleted, wait a few seconds and then click Faxbook (leave the search blank). Your results will be populated and your deleted contact should no longer exist.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 44.png

11. You have completed the simple tutorial on how to use the default RightFax screens.


There are certain directories and SQL tables that need to be monitored for growth along with the RightFax plugin for Reform. As a system processes more and more jobs, the size of these directories and SQL tables can grow very quickly. Overall system performance can be affected by the large amounts of space that the files may take up. Also, there exists a 10GB database limit if using the Microsoft SQL Server Express supplied with this installation. Obsolete files/database entries should be deleted according to your needs and file retention specifications.

Please see the Reform Health Monitor and Maintenance Utility section in the Reform User Manual for more information and instructions for monitoring and maintaining your server. It is recommended to monitor the following directories and SQL tables for growth:


C:\Program Files\Reform…\Backups

C:\Program Files\Reform…\Spooler\ImageQueue

C:\Program Files\Reform…\Spooler\RightFaxQueue

SQL Tables:



Cannot pull phone book information from RightFax. Make sure the RightFax account is setup to have administrator access:

Reform15 Most-RightFax 45.png

Other company or product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies

RightFAX Issue Ticket

*User’s Name: ___________________________________ *User’s Login Name: ______________________________

*User’s Email Address: ____________________________ User’s Building: _________________________________

User’s Department: ______________________________ Support Contact’s Name: __________________________

Support Contact’s Email: __________________________ Support Contact’s Phone: __________________________

*Severity of Issue (Please check one):

    □ 0 - Test environment (non-production)
    □ 1 - Users are affected, but able to continue business

□ 2 - Users are affected and it is affecting business, other functionality is working properly

□ 3 - The software is not functioning properly at all – system outage

Number of Users Affected: ________________ List Each Users Login Name _____________________________


*Description of Issue: _________________________________________________________________________________________________




*Observations about the Issue:

Frequency of Issue: Once / Random / Every Attempt / Other (Please Describe): ________________________________

First Occurrence (Date/Time): _____________________ Latest Occurrence (Date/Time): _______________________

  • *Issue is occurring at (Fill in all fields for Reform Server and RightFax Server):
  • Reform Server(s)

Reform Server IP(s): _____________________________________________________________________________

  • RightFax Server(s)

RightFax Server IP: _____________________________________________________________________________

*Does the affected user have a RightFax account? yes / no

*Does the RightFax FaxUtil connect to the RightFax server properly? yes / no

*When using the RightFax Connection Test Utility, are any test results un-successful? yes / no If no, which one(s)

were unsuccessful with corresponding message? _________________________________________________________


If faxing speed is an issue, please list the time it takes to fax the document: __________ seconds / minutes

*Is user able to send faxes through RightFax outside of Reform/MOST? yes / no

Additional information when using the MOST plug-in with Reform

  • MFP (If using the MOST Plug-in for Reform from an MFP)

Number of MFPs Affected:_______________________

MFP Java Version:______________________________ MOST Version: _________________________________

MFP Serial #:__________________________________ MFP IP: _______________________________________

MFP Model #: _________________________________ MFP Location: __________________________________

  • Workstation (If using the MOST Desktop Plug-in for Reform from a workstation)

Number of Workstations Affected: ________________ Workstation OS: XP / Vista / 7

Workstation IP: ________________________________ Workstation Name: _____________________________

*Is the user able to search contacts when logged into MOST? yes / no

*Is the user able to add a PhoneBook contact? yes / no

*Is the user able to see status results on the RightFax MOST screen? yes / no

* Fields are required